Blended Learning as Pedagogy

    As you may know, Blended Learning is our jam – And we want to help teachers reduce their burden, engage their students, and use technology as a tool to enhance their instructional practice.

    Why do we love blended learning as pedagogy?

    🔺 Increased personalization – Teachers can tailor lessons, activities, and feedback to individual students, or groups of students in a more dynamic and efficient way, and they can leverage great tech tools to do so

    🔺 Fully-integrated technology like Litmus Learn’s platform offers the opportunity to gather more and better data about student performance aggregated across features and to inform deep insights into student learning

    🔺 Teachers can give students ‘structured flexibility’ to have some choice in their learning, and on the pace they complete assignments within the classroom – It ensures that each student gets what they need and can learn in a way and at a speed that makes the most sense for them

    🔺 Blended learning models enable teachers to use multiple modes of engaging students in the material – interactive video, gamification, reading and responding to text prompts, scientific simulations, and a number of other ways can demonstrate what they know and are able to do as a result of what they’ve learned

    Transformative Power of Blended Learning

    Before Tech Integration
    🔹 Hours creating paper assignments, and more hours grading
    🔹 Difficult to collaborate with colleagues asynchronously
    🔹 Assessments were one-size-fits-all
    🔹 Not easy to personalize learning experiences
    🔹 Mixed levels of student engagement

    With Blended Learning
    🔹 Assess and analyze performance data easily, in less time
    🔹 Facilitate collaborative learning
    🔹 Student choice and flexibility in learning modalities
    🔹 Station teaching allows students to work in small groups, more individualized teacher instruction
    🔹 Profound increase in student engagement

    All of these benefits are part of using the Litmus Learn platform in the classroom, and no other tech tool integrates so many features under on roof, integrating your content creation across all features, and aggregates and analyzes student performance data in an equally comprehensive way.

    Plus, signing up is a couple clicks, and you can start building lessons and engaging students right away!

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