Litmus Learn Just Makes Sense

    Why is Litmus Learn great for districts looking ahead to the next couple of years, when ESSER money starts tapering off?

    Litmus Learn’s comprehensive platform brings together so many features under one roof – and for a single, lower expenditure than any single other tool or app. Plus, we harness the power of that integration in two ways:

    šŸ”ŗTeachers only have to create content once, and then all of their questions and prompts are accessible through their Content Bank for all other features – Saving hours of planning time

    šŸ”ŗStudent performance data isn’t just one discrete quiz, interactive video, or set of flashcards. All of those contexts come together giving a much more holistic – much more complete- picture of student performance. That’s across classes, across learning goals, and by individual student work.

    Now, consider that Litmus Learn has all of these amazing blended learning tools – each one of which would normally require a separate login account, content set, and price tag from a separate vendor:

    šŸ”¹Interactive Videos – Create a library of videos through a combination of YouTube links, or uploaded originals. All of your questions can be saved in the Content Bank for use on assessments or other features

    šŸ”¹Assessments, including our Confidence Assessment feature that gives deep insights into what kids know and are able to do with respect to academic learning, but also in tandem with mindset, confidence, and SEL best practices

    šŸ”¹Scientific Simulations, with illustrations and a fully-integrated equation editor allowing STEM teachers even more functionality that in Google Docs

    šŸ”¹Social Documents that allow interactive learning among students, and moderated by teachers – Social learning encourages even the most reluctant learners to participate and takes advantage of what psychologist Lev Vygotsky called the ‘Zone of Proximal Development’ by allowing students to support each other’s learning

    šŸ”¹Digital flashcards – Fully integrated with our Content Bank, why would you ever pay for just this one functionality when Litmus Learn gives you it along with everything else

    As more districts look for ways to consolidate the number of tech vendors, and the features they pay for separately – They have a great opportunity with Litmus to save money, and get even more tools that one single app. We want to be your blended learning ‘Swiss army knife.’

    And, we’re only improving as we go – Right now we’re testing a game-changing AI-assisted grading tool that will allow teachers to save hours and hours of time spent grading open responses and essays. This innovative feature is just one example of what we have coming down the line very soon – weeks, not months.

    Right now,Ā Litmus LearnĀ is free for US teachers to try – and you literally have nothing to lose, and so much to gain by trying us out!

    Soon, we’ll be reaching out to districts to see how we can help them gain greater functionality for a fraction of the price of what they have now.

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