AI Assisted Grading – The Future is Here!

    Teachers, what if we guaranteed I could save you hours of time each week? Litmus Learn can do exactly that.

    When teachers assign students open response questions, essays, and other work results in mounds of grading to do. Any teacher knows that the power of open response writing is in its ability to see your students’ thinking in depth and at scale. Unlike multiple choice, open responses give students space to express themselves and their ideas.

    But, the greatest downside is just how many hours of work it takes to read about 100 of the same assignment, often a page or two of writing, and often it takes even more hours to assess, give feedback, and closely evaluate each one. It’s a valuable experience in terms of seeing and tracking students’ progress, but it just takes so long to do. We know there are teachers that either shy away or avoid assigning longer writing pieces to students because of how much time it takes to grade them.

    At Litmus Learn, our goal is to minimize the low-impact time teachers spend on certain tasks to free them up for more high-impact time in directly working with students. As valuable as open responses are, the hours spend grading them aren’t. We want to change that.

    Right now, Litmus Learn is beta testing one of our latest features – AI assisted grading. We need you, classroom teachers, to try it out and see if it’s a feature that would save as much time for you as we think it will. Our AI assist takes a piece of student writing – even handwriting – and then isolates key words and phrases that you tell Litmus you’re looking for in the response. Litmus then highlights instances students use the key words, and ones that might be missing.

    We love this feature because it saves so much teacher time, but also because it’s a great illustration of our philosophy – We don’t want technology to take over from teachers. We want our tech to help teachers be more efficient, and more effective. This AI assist is only one of several features we’re currently getting ready to roll out as part of our platform here in the US and beyond. But, since it’s still in beta mode, it’s available by invitation only.

    If you’re a teacher interested in saving time and maximizing your efficiency, please reach out to us through our LinkedIn page or our website We can get you signed up for free, and you can start using this and dozens of other features embedded in our Litmus platform. Know a colleague that might like to save hours of time grading – Tag them or forward this message. We want to help as many classroom teachers as we can, because we know how valuable- and stretched- their time is.

    Check out the video to see our AI assisted grading in action – It’s just one of many useful tools that come with our Blended Learning operating system for your classroom!

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