Lesson Planning Made Easy!

    Lesson Plans – Let Litmus be your classroom’s Operating System!

    Organize your planning both online and in the classroom to develop a blended learning experience.

    Litmus helps teachers organize their lessons in thematic units, with standards-aligned supplementary material that you can upload or adapt from our content library. Our goal is to make the planning process efficient, easy, and impactful. We know every teacher’s time is their most valuable resource, and we want to maximize your efficiency.

    One of our fundamental philosophical beliefs is that teachers should be freed up from those tasks that take them away from students – grading, planning, paperwork, meetings – and let them reinvest that time working directly with their students!

    We want the lesson planning to be a seamless process of either uploading or curating the best resources, and getting deep insights through data, like the kind you receive from our Confidence Assessments, and plan for the next day’s learning.

    Contact us for a demo, or login and explore – you can even sign up and start using Litmus immediately …for free!

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