Litmus Helps Schools Address Learning Loss

    We wholeheartedly agree with the U.S. Department of Education Secretary’s call for accelerating student learning and closing achievement gaps to help students better perform in the classroom – and we can help!

    Litmus Learn is a multi-functional platform that helps teachers, tutors, summer learning programs, and anyone else who wants to create a blended learning experience to help students succeed. We have a variety of features that incorporate all of the best parts of technology in the classroom, while still keeping teacher empowerment and student engagement at the core of our mission.

    Right now, Litmus is free to use and available in the US for teachers to start using immediately. With a couple clicks, teachers have access to a variety of powerful tools that can use educational content in different contexts without teachers having to re-create the same material on a handful of apps and websites like they do now.

    Litmus features include customizable games, social documents, that foster collaboration, interactive video with integration with YouTube, scientific, simulations, quizzes, and something we’re extremely proud of — confidence assessments.

    Confidence Assessments are a way for teachers to know not just what their students have learned, but how they are feeling about their learning. The confidence assessment offers deep insight into how students feel about the material, and can help teachers know if students are answering questions correctly but with hesitation, or if they are confidently wrong. Both of those are helpful in planning lessons and assessing student learning.

    We know that a couple of the big platforms dominate the education space, but we also know that teachers will love our feature integrations, and how we can offer them a one-stop-shop for all of their blended learning designs.

    Contact us for a demo, or login and explore – you can sign up and start using Litmus immediately …for free!

    A tweet from US secretary of education "By investing in things like high-dosage tutoring, afterschool and summer learning programs, and tutoring/mentorship programs that are focused on accelerating learning – we can close achievement gaps and help students perform better in the classroom"

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