Beyond the Traditional Classroom

    Is Litmus Learn only useful in traditional classrooms?

    No, the Litmus platform is multifunctional and can help organize and energize any blended learning setting!

    Because Litmus’s mission is to save planning time and maximize student engagement, we want to help anyone teaching students to have the tools they need to be amazing. That includes public schools, charter schools, private schools, academic camps, summer programs, and homeschooling – including pods.

    The beauty of Litmus is that it is so easy to get on board and start right away ~ there’s no barrier to entry!

    Normally, you might need a variety of apps and tools to transform your instruction – EdPuzzle for interactive video, Quizlet for digital flash cards, Blookit or a variety of other sites for gamification, and Screencast or Google Docs to have interactive whiteboards and online student collaboration. Teachers would have to have a slew of login credentials to remember, accounts to have kids sign into every time, and they’d have to recreate content with every new app they use.

    Not Litmus – We have all of those and more! With a single login, you can have all of the best features of blended learning right away – and even better, you can use your content in a variety of contexts – no need to re-create quizzes, assignments, open response prompts – just put them into your Content Bank, and they are always there when you want to try a new mode of instruction.

    Still not sure? Give it a try right now and see what you think – You can get started with an email address and a share code for your students.

    Plus, we are always iterating and improving based on your feedback – Let us know what features you like, which ones you want, and how your students engage.

    Once they do, you’ll get powerful insights into their learning – Like our Confidence Assessment – which tells you not just how well they know the material, but how they’re feeling about their own knowledge. Are kids getting things right, but are still unsure? Or are they confidently choosing an incorrect answer? All of this data helps you create targeted, personalized lessons that can extend from an activity, or remediate skill gaps.

    We’d love to see if we can help facilitate learning in a cohesive way – especially for great innovative educators like those at OutschoolKaiPod LearningActivityHeroBay State Learning Center, and others who are thinking outside of the traditional classroom. Right now, Litmus is completely free to try out – but it might not be free for much longer here in the US. Give it a try!

    Litmus offers a variety of features that can be used in all kinds of alternative educational settings

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