Creating Content on Litmus

    Our last post was about how easy it is to set up an account on Litmus, and have your students join your roster – fully integrated with their Google Accounts or email. You have a unique share code for each class to create – and you can even create multiple sections of the same subject.

    Now, it’s time to start creating content!

    One of the most popular features that teachers use in their classrooms are interactive videos — turn any existing video into a learning activity, that both engages students and gives valuable feedback on how they are doing with the material. Our interactive video feature allows you to either upload a video, or use a link to YouTube with just a couple clicks.

    Once you have a video you want to share with your students, you just upload it and give it a title. Then, you can intersperse questions, prompts, or notes and comments for your students to see at strategic points as they watch.

    One of the best features about Litmus is that once you create questions for one activity, they are automatically entered into your Content Bank and are therefore able to be used on any of our features. There’s no need to re-create questions or material time, and time again, when you can just import them with a click of a button. We know how frustrating it can be for teachers to constantly have to copy and paste, or rewrite questions in a variety of different apps, and sites just to be able to differentiate activities in your classroom.

    Once your video is all ready to go. You can assign it to students immediately or hold it back until you’re ready. We want to make it as easy as possible for teachers to bring more. blended learning into their practice. If you haven’t already, give litmus a try — it’s free to use in the US and it brings together all the best features in tools teachers love to use in your classrooms.

    Once you’ve signed up and shared your code with students to join, use this handy guide to start your first activity — and interactive video!

    Give it a try now – Even if you just want to see that it takes less than a minute to join! And tag a colleague, teacher, homeschool, learning pod coach, or any other educator you think might love Litmus! ⤵️

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