Adding to Your Litmus Learn Content Bank

    Imagine you create an amazing interactive video on that ‘other’ big video platform. Now, you want to make digital flash cards for your students – Too bad you have to either copy+paste each item by item. Or, you can always re-type everything all over again. Now, what if you want to make a quiz on the same content in a Form. Sorry, now you need to re-copy everything and format it all over again! Oh, want to make a customizable video game for students on that same content? More time wasted cutting, pasting, and organizing.

    What a mess.

    Plus, think of all the logins and passwords you have to remember.

    Or that you’ll need all your students to sign up or create accounts in every one of those separate locations.

    And that after they do the work, you’re the one who has to synthesize all of the results – analyzing batches of data spread across multiple apps and tools.

    For many teachers, that’s what the reality of blended learning looks like – so much wasted time. Time that could be spent working directly with kids.

    🔺🔹 Well, have you checked out Litmus Learn?

    We have a simple mission – Empower teachers to Engage students. Blended learning with minimal prep time and maximum impact.

    We offer all the features of those different sites, tools, and apps – all together. But, you only need ONE Content Bank. That’s right – create your content once and use it in all those different contexts! Then, you get your students’ results all on one single platform – giving you powerful insights into their learning.

    Even better – we’re a nimble upstart that values each teacher much more than those behemoths that dominate the platform space now. Want a feature? Let us know! We only want to make sure teachers can do exactly what they want with their instruction, and that their students are excited and engaged in targeted learning.

    Here’s a great starting point – Check the attached guide to start creating content right away, and then start using it with your students in multiple ways, with only a few clicks. You can see our previous posts on signing in and setting up your class.

    The best part? Right now, Litmus is free for US teachers to try – and you can start right now. Share us with a friend or colleague, or your department head or IT specialist. We know we can help teachers save time, and supercharge their instruction – so don’t wait.

    Even if you just want to see that it takes less than a minute to join! And tag a colleague, teacher, homeschool, learning pod coach, or any other educator you think might love Litmus!

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