Start With Something New!

    Want to start off with something fresh and new in the classroom?

    Try Litmus Learn – accelerate blended learning in your classroom with a few clicks! We offer a comprehensive experience for students to engage in learning with seamless technology integration. We offer a variety of teachers’ favorite features on a single, unified platform that allows you to easily transfer content from one tool to the next.

    ▶️ Create an interactive video by uploading a clip, or adding a YouTube link, and then create a series of questions and prompts for Litmus to ask your students as they watch. Then, analyze the results to see which students have mastered the material, and which ones might need some reviewing of concepts.

    🕹️ Design an interactive, fully-playable video game for your students, and use the same questions from your interactive video or create new ones. Litmus stores your Content Bank for you to reuse items, and to organize them by subject, unit, or specific lesson numbers. Once you customize your game, Litmus will track your students’ progress as they play – not just seeing how they answer questions, but also keeping track of how many attempts they make as well!

    ✅ Assess student learning by going back to your Content Bank and using those items to assess how well your students have mastered learning. You can use rich text, and take advantage of our fully-integrated equation editor to craft assessment items exactly how you want them to look – with images, links, and data tables as well. Everything you create is reusable later.

    🧠 Want even more information about your students’ learning? Enable the Confidence Assessment feature – This will keep track of how confident your students are in each of the answers they select. Any teacher knows how useful it would be to understand whether their students are right, but hesitant and unsure, or if they’re confidently wrong. Both scenarios give great insight into how teachers can respond by either reinforcing their students’ confidence, or remediating what skills they may have not yet mastered. The confidence assessment is a quantifiable element of understanding the social and emotional experience of students.

    But wait, there’s more!

    We have several other features you could try out this week with minimal planning effort on your part. We know that teachers are more likely to use a tool in the classroom if there’s minimal friction and maximum impact on learning. That’s why we are constantly improving the Litmus experience for our teachers – We want to make it simple and actionable to move towards a blended learning experience for students, because we know that the best technology actually helps teachers do their jobs better.

    And, we have to mention that Litmus is free for US teachers to try!

    Give us a try by signing up on our website:

    There’s a reason why Litmus Learn has been compared to a Swiss Army Knife – We offer all of the features and tools you love, plus more, in one single platform. You have access to all of your content across features, and your student performance data is also integrated on the back end – Giving you deeper insight into how your class is doing, and how to help them. Why buy a whole bunch of ‘uni-task’ products when you can buy the whole bundle for less, but gain more functionality and integration?

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