Seamless Integration with Litmus features

    How many logins is too many for teachers?

    We’re not sure of the exact number, but these days we know classroom teachers are juggling a variety of EdTech in their instruction – and all of these usually come with login credentials and leave teachers to create and re-create content for each context.

    At Litmus Learn we know that can be a struggle. In our work, we have two simple goals:

    1. Minimize the time teachers need to spend planning, assigning, and assessing their lessons

    2. Maximize student engagement by helping teachers create a dynamic blended learning experience

    Our platform combines all of the best tools under one login, one account, and an integrated approach to content – so that today’s quiz is tomorrow’s customized learning game, is the next day’s flash cards, and another day’s confidence assessment. No need to constantly copy and paste from one platform to another.

    Right now, we have a classroom operating system that we are eager to share, but it’s also one we are constantly improving based on teacher feedback. We are really interested in what features teachers want in a unified platform.

    ­čö║Litmus Learn is a platform that helps you organize your classroom online – for students and teachers

    ­čö╣Upload your roster and create a class based on your subject and grade level. Create new lesson plans, import and enhance existing ones, or use proven lessons already populated into the platform

    ­čö║Litmus Learn helps create and assign learning experiences for your students, including interactive video, game-based learning, simulations, flash cards, and much more

    ­čö╣There’s also a ‘social document’ feature that allows students to collaborate in real time or asynchronously to support each otherÔÇÖs learning

    ­čö║One of the most powerful features is the Confidence Assessment – real-time data on what your students know and how confident they are in their knowledge

    ­čö╣Teachers get useful feedback on student #earning that can be directly applied to lesson planning

    ­čö║Litmus Learn helps engage students even when they are outside of the classroom, through games, social documents, and simulations.

    ­čö╣You can use your Google account to get started right away!

    Right now Litmus Learn is in early stages, looking to maximize how we can best help teachers save time, engage students, and facilitate blended learning in their classrooms. We want to see how we can be even better in helping teachers. We need feedback from you to get it right.

    Contact us for a demo, or login and explore – you can even sign up and start using Litmus immediately …for free!

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