School Leaders Love Litmus Learn!

    Teachers know that Litmus is a fully-integrated blended platform to engage students, but why is Litmus also a great option for administrators?

    We know that the pandemic has stressed our school administrators – principals, department heads, directors, IT administrators, and others who help organize and coordinate school operations. That’s why we want to emphasize how Litmus Learn can make life easier for administrators in the same way it empowers teachers.

    Because Litmus is so easy to sign up and start using, teachers need minimal onboarding and can get started right away. Within a few clicks, teachers can set up their classes, add rosters, and invite students to join. With a few more clicks, teachers can start creating content or using some of the course material already available on the platform to immediately energize their class instruction with seamless integration of technology.

    Litmus also has a useful help button, and tutorial pop-up windows for each action – meaning that even without a background of working with Litmus, teachers can find their way around our resources without much work. Our goal is to get teachers using the platform with minimal friction and maximum impact.

    Another reason administrators love Litmus is because we can help them standardize instruction while still allowing for teacher innovation and independence, and we foster collaboration by making it easy for teachers to share content, lesson plans, and to analyze data together from student performance. Administrators also have the ability to see how students are doing at a macro level, giving them insight into how things are going at the school as a whole.

    Finally, administrators are excited for the features we’ll be rolling out very soon, including the ability to receive hints, tips, and suggestions for their teachers to use, and an integration of generative technology, granular data to inform instruction, and the ability to create student reports for parents based on data and insights on how their child is doing in class. In other words, we have a powerful platform that is only getting better!

    So start using Litmus now to bring new teachers onboard quickly and without long, involved training as required by other platforms, energize and empower experienced teachers, and fundamentally transform your school into an effective Professional Learning Community.

    Want more information?

    Give us a try by signing up on our website or sending us a message – We can’t wait to help you get set up right away!

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