Teachers, Welcome to Litmus!

    Here at Litmus Learn we are super excited about getting our platform into the hands of real classroom teachers, and we’re especially interested in their feedback. We want to continue to improve and iterate Litmus until it’s exactly the right for your blended learning classroom! We’re already infusing AI in ways that will make teachers more efficient, so that they spend less time on low-impact tasks and can redirect their time and attention to high-impact ones, like working directly with their students.

    One example is our feature that allows teachers to get a huge leap on grading long open responses, essays, or even complex math equations. Litmus can take any piece of student work – even handwritten work – and point out exactly when students use key words and phrases determined by the teacher. We’ll also show you which terms might be missing from the student’s answer.

    This example is a glimpse at our larger mission at Litmus – We want to help teachers do their jobs better – because we know that teachers will always be the ones working directly with their students, and determining instructional practices in their classrooms, including student assessment and evaluation. We know that technology will never replace teachers, but we know that we can help teachers be more efficient, and more effective.

    Litmus is interactive and has a variety of features designed to engage kids, help teachers be more efficient with their time, and bridge the gap between home and school learning. Any classroom teachers that are interested in emerging technology, saving time, engaging students, and creating a blended learning environment – We need you!

    We would love to introduce you to the tools we’ve built, and how they can supercharge your instructional practice, while giving you valuable insights into your students’ learning. Send us a message, or sign up at Litmuslearn.com – There’s absolutely no obligation other than sparking your curiosity. It’s free in the US for this preliminary trial phase of our journey, and will sync with your Google Account.

    Questions? Reach out and we can chat!

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