Litmus Learn helps you easily transform your classroom into an impactful blended learning experience for your students.

    But why is blended learning so powerful?

    Flexibility: Blended learning allows students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, which can be beneficial for students with different learning styles and abilities.

    🔺🔹 Litmus allows you to assign student work that can be done as a whole group, as homework, or in social documents that allow all students to support their classmates and get help as needed.

    Personalization: Blended learning models allow for the use of technology to create personalized learning experiences, which can help students to better engage with the material and achieve their learning goals.

    🔺🔹 Litmus collects and analyzes performance data based on how your students are doing across multiple features – customized games, interactive video, social documents. But the most powerful indicator of how students feel about their work is the confidence assessment. It can tell you which students are correct but hesitant, which students are confidently selecting the wrong answer, and which ones need some extra reassurance.

    Increased engagement: Blended learning models can also increase student engagement by providing interactive, multimedia-rich content, which can make learning more interesting and engaging for students.

    🔺🔹 Litmus is all about teaching kids how they learn – both traditional text-based content, but along with interactive video, games that are designed for specific content, and tools that allow students to collaborate, even from home.

    Improved assessment: Blended learning models allow for the use of technology-based assessments, which can provide more accurate and immediate feedback on student progress.

    🔺🔹 Litmus gives you powerful insight into how students are doing, both on an individual and whole-group level. It offers tips and suggestions on what areas of the curriculum might need review, and how your students are doing in specific skill areas.

    Cost-effective: Blended learning models can be more cost-effective than traditional models of instruction, as they can reduce the need for expensive textbooks and other materials.

    🔺🔹 Litmus is a single platform – One login, no extra apps, hardware, or add-ons. Everything is in one place. Right now, Litmus is free to use in the USA, but only because we want real teacher feedback – so we can make Litmus even better! This definitely won’t last long, so give Litmus a try – It’s a couple clicks to get started, and a couple more to launch your blended learning classroom!

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